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What is the Nakamoto Fund?
The Nakamoto Fund is a fund set up to help people in a completely transparent way. The community sends bitcoin to the fund, and the community decides who the bitcoin gets distributed to. 100% of all bitcoin (with the exception of transaction fees) go directly to the distributees.
How does it work?
We find people anywhere around the world who need financial assistance and we send them bitcoin. We share their stories and their bitcoin addresses so others can help too. 100% of all donations go to these people.
Why use bitcoin to help?
Bitcoin enables people to transact with one another regardless of where they are from. It gives everyone access to modern financial technology - something it's estimated that over a billion people don't have access to. We envision a world where small amounts of bitcoin really do make a difference. Bitcoin has a great community behind it. By utilizing strength in numbers, we create meaningful change wherever our bitcoin is sent. Our efforts our decentralized, our reach is far. We are borderless, we are countryless. We use bitcoin to move humanity forward.
Is my donation tax deductible?
Most likely no, because the Nakamoto Fund isn't dependent on or affiliated with one country. It's borderless, just like Bitcoin is.
Does the Nakamoto Fund provide grants?
At the moment, no, however, in the future, our goal is to also set aside a fund to allow people to crowdfund different crypto-related projects they would like to see manifest themselves. Payments to developers would be deliverable/milestone based, to protect the investments of those who fund the project. More to come... stay tuned.